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Welcome to the New Pahiyas Festival Website

Now completely redesigned to cope up with the fast-changing technology, the website sports a responsive and fluid design.  The new layout adjusts automatically to fit in many sizes of monitors and smart phones and can be viewed with ease.  Aside from its clean design, the website also includes a flexible menu, a dropdown support panel, nicer photo gallery, a photo slide, a real-time weather update in Lucban and interactive maps by Google Maps.

Blessed Maria Torribia (d. 1175) was a Spanish peasant woman who is believed to have married Saint Isidore. She herself was eventually beatified by the Roman Catholic Church, and is known in Spain as Santa María de la Cabeza (in English, "Saint Mary of the Head").

Mr. 橋本信彦 Nobuhiko Hashimoto is a photographer of The Daily Manila Shimbun based in the Philippines. He enjoyed the Pahiyas Festival, already in his second time to visit Lucban and is one of the satisfied participants in our Pahiyas Day Tour 2013. He is sharing his excitement and enjoyment of the Pahiyas through his photos.

Pahiyas photos of Nobuhiko Hashimoto

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The Pahiyas Festival at a Glance

The Pahiyas Festival, originally known as Feast of San Isidro is an annual religious celebration honoring San Isidro, the patron saint of farmers. It showcases houses decorated with colorful "kiping" accented with farm produce such as rice, fruits, plants and vegetables as a way of thanksgiving for the bountiful harvests. Other events were added to attract tourists like the parade of carabaos, floats, sunduan, parikitan and higantes and a trade fair known as Tiyangge sa Lucban. Officially, the festival is known as the Lucban San Isidro Pahiyas Festival and listed by the Department of Tourism as one of the most colorful tourist attractions in the Philippines.

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Join the Pahiyas Day Tour for only Php999

Pahiyas Festival, the Philippines most colorful harvest festival will be happening on May 15, 2016, on a Sunday. A Sunday? Yes, a weekend where...Read More