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  • Last 4 days for February Early Bird Promo of the Pahiyas Day Tour 2014

    Posted on February 25th, 2014 Charles No comments

    The Pahiyas Festival is almost here, with less than 3 months to go. This year’s celebration will be the first for the new mayor of Lucban which promised to be more exciting and livelier.

    So don’t miss the festivities. Join the Pahiyas Day Tour 2014 for a convenient way to experience the sights, food and shopping at the Pahiyas, one of the countries colorful festivals.

    Join the fun and save more through our Early Bird Promo which will last until February 28, 2014 only. Pay only Php1275 instead of the regular Php1500, a savings of Php 225 for the regular seat. Aisle seats are also discounted at Php1105 (against regular rate of Php1300).

    For more details and reservation, visit the Pahiyas Day Tour 2014 page.

  • Urgent Appeal of the Lucban Pahiyas Community Rondalla

    Posted on February 6th, 2014 Charles No comments

    The Lucban Pahiyas Community Rondalla, the award-winning ensemble composed of children from different schools from Lucban, Quezon have already brought honor to our town after winning the grand prize of the prestigious NAMCYA competitions for 2 consecutive years (2012 & 2014). Once again, they will showcase their musical talents during the 4th International Rondalla & Plucked Strings Festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) from February 12-17, 2014.

    The group, led by their trainor Mr. Isidro Obmasca was born after the Paaralang Bayan ng Lucban withdrew their support for the school’s rondalla. He, along with the young members who were all alumni of the various rondalla groups in Lucban organized the Lucban Pahiyas Community Rondalla just for fun and for their love of music without getting any monetary rewards in return. All along, without anyone noticing, they are already bringing pride and honor to Lucban.

    With the festival barely a week from now, they are still looking for funds as the Lucban LGU reneged on their promised financial support. Thus they are appealing to kind-hearted kababayans of the needed financial help. These children bring honor to our hometown. They are not being paid for playing the banduria or guitar. They are doing it for fun and depend only on donations to showcase the now getting lost Filipino heritage. Let’s give them a chance. Not only you will help and make them smile but more importantly you can become a part of the honor they will bring to Lucban that you can be proud of.

    For your donations or inquiry, please contact Mr. Isidro Obmasca (09206072224), Mr. Arnold Emocling (09165552032/09476367400) or by email at info[at] You may also send your donations thru PayPal using your credit cards.

    Maraming salamat po at mabuhay tayong lahat at ang Lucban Pahiyas Community Rondalla!

    Facebook page -

    Article in Manila Bulletin - click here

  • New’s Layout is Now Responsive and Fluid

    Posted on January 23rd, 2014 Charles No comments

    Today’s trend in technology shows the emergence of smartphones as an indispensable tool in browsing the internet instead of an ordinary desktop computer or laptop.  These gadgets are so advance that software or programs that makes it run are manipulated with just a touch on the screen that functions like an ordinary keyboard.

    The software are likewise intelligent they can adapt to any type of smartphones and screen size to let users have a comfortable view of a website, a game or any application.  These are commonly called “responsive” or “fluid” in a sense that they adjust the layout automatically depending on the width of the viewing screen to which the software is been viewed at.

    And to cope with these new technologies, we have overhauled the layout of the Pahiyas website to make it responsive and fluid.  Depending on the size of the monitor or smartphone one uses in browsing the website, its layout adjust automatically, reordering and resizing the elements so that it fits in the screen for a nice and comfortable viewing experience.  For smaller screen though, the elements are aligned vertically but nevertheless the contents are complete and not sliced.  As the screen grows bigger, the elements of the website begin to look exactly the same as the actual website when viewed in a regular size computer monitor.

    New features and enhancements are also introduced.  Aside from its clean design, the menus are now elegantly presented and flexible.  The photo gallery is enhanced and a support panel is conveniently found on top of every page.  Important addition to the website is the real time weather forecast of Lucban and an interactive map showing the route of the Pahiyas and the location of Lucban and surrounding provinces.


    Posted on May 14th, 2013 Charles No comments

    Congratulations to the new Mayor of Lucban – Mayor Olivier Dator.  Wish you all the luck together with the rest of the Sangguniang Bayan led by the newly-elected Vice-Mayor Yeyeh Deveza.  May Lucban be changed and more progressive under your watch.  God bless you all!



    MAYOR: Oli Dator (9,168 Votes)

    V.MAYOR: Yeyeh Deveza (10,186 Votes)


    1. FALLER (11,095 Votes)
    2. ABUTAL (10,035 Votes)
    3. BELEN (9,638 Votes)
    4. RANESES (9,313 Votes)
    5. AVILA (9,046 Votes)
    6. SALVATIERRA ( 8,994 Votes)
    7. ARANA (8,932 Votes)
    8. BUCTIL (8,914 Votes)

  • Travelling to Lucban – the (other) leisure way

    Posted on May 10th, 2013 Charles No comments

    Though it is convenient to travel on your own to Lucban during the Pahiyas Festival, it is not advisable. Traffic along the way may be experienced particularly in the Calamba-Los Banos area and Turbina-Alaminos-San Pablo stretch of the Maharlika Highway. Occasional slowdown may also be experienced along Candelaria-Lucena segment.

    Another alternative route may be used via Antipolo-Laguna route. There’s no traffic there, no toll fee and the view of the mountain ranges in Rizal and Laguna de Bay in Laguna is breathtaking. The road though is zigzag, steep and sometimes treacherous specially along the slope from Antipolo to Tanay, Rizal. But the road condition is excellent.

    Pass through Paete, Laguna for their woodcarvings and papier mache sculptures and souvenirs. The bridge in Pagsanjan, Laguna is under repair so a detour to Caliraya is inevitable but enjoyable after seeing the Caliraya Lake. In Cavinti, there are fruits along the way and bibingka. Banig or native mats made of pandan leaves abound in Luisiana and then Lucban.

    Upon reaching the outskirts of Lucban, expect heavy traffic specially during the day till night. Big buses will not be allowed to enter the Lucban town proper. Smaller vehicles are allowed but moving slowly and most of the time crawling due to hordes of people.

    Nevertheless, after seeing the colorful Pahiyas decorations, savoring the delectable foods and kakanin Lucban has to offer, surely you will come back for next year’s celebration.