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    Posted on April 13th, 2012 Charles No comments

    The Pahiyas Festival is a religious festivity, first and foremost and a community event at the same time. Since the very beginning, only the church and the townspeople are involve and the government are just mere expectators and guest to some of the events leading to the celebration. The expenses for the festival and its activities are solicited and donated by the townspeople and generous donors. The money that comes in are just enough to spend for the prizes, tokens for the guest and judges of a competition, props, sound system and lighting equipment.

    Our website, is also a private undertaking, supported by some kind Lucbanins who are generous enough to lend their talents, resources and anything they can contribute for the development and upkeep of the website. The local government of Lucban particularly the Pahiyas Committee who oversees the finances and activities of the Pahiyas, since the inception of the website (which was formerly registered as, has never contributed financially or otherwise to its existence. Never it occured to them that a website, specially these days, is very important as it can promote Lucban and the Pahiyas all over the globe, inform our kababayans abroad of news and current events or sell Lucban products to the world market. One would wonder why the government officials are overly complacent and boastful that the Pahiyas is already popular so there’s no need even to spend money for advertisements on newspapers. (What about the Panagbenga, Sinulog and other festivals which are equally or more popular than the Pahiyas and yet thousands of pesos are spent for a full or half page newspaper ad? Your guess is as good as mine and the rest of the Lucbanins.)

    So to keep our website online and updated with news, information and other features we have implemented the paid subscription service for premium articles and features such as video and current news. Your subscription and donation can help sustain the increasing costs of web hosting, writer’s fees, hardware maintenance and internet access. You also help in the promotion of Lucban and the Pahiyas Festival which the government fails to do.

    For only Php100, you can gain a one month full, unlimited access to premium content of the Pahiyas website. Php1000 subscription will allow you to access the site for the whole year. And if you are more generous enough, you can shell out any amount as donation to make our website not just accessible to you, but also to many of our kababayans around the world.

    To subscribe and more info, please visit the Pahiyas website at

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